This was the first summer that I’ve visited the Renaissance Festival twice. It’s also the first summer that I’ve visited the Renaissance festival twice in one week (Labor Day Monday and the following Saturday). I’m a fan.

Here are some photos from the first visit:

Entering the grounds

In a hammock chair in Ann's booth

The hammock chairs in the booth where my friend, Ann, works are very comfortable.

Twig the Fairy

Twig’s career is being a fairy. She’s very good at it.


I must always visit the petting (and sheep-feeding) zoo.

No Swimming

There’s no water, but… “No Swimming, Sharks Have Been Known to Eat Babies!”

Vilification Tennis

Vilification Tennis was very funny. “Your momma is so fat, her first words were NOM-NOM-NOM!”

The Enchanted Forest

Soup in a Bread Bowl

I love the Chicken and Wild Rice Soup in a bread bowl.


I was taking photos of an elephant will riding on an elephant.

Copper Roses

These copper roses were some of the prettiest things at the festival this year and now I have one at home, too. (Thanks to Jason.)

Lady Visa and Master of the Card

And now some photos from the second visit:

Hannie at the RenFest

Hannie’s first Renaissance Festival visit! Please note the elephant in the background.

Hannie and a Snake

Hannie also touched a snake! She’s brave.


This time I got to see the parade and the King. Huzzah!

Ann at Felix Needleworthy's

Aunt Ann tried on a corset from Felix Needleworthy.

Jonathan with Turkey

Cousin Jonathan ate some Turkey.

The Crouse Family at RenFest

Sleeping Fairy

Bryan and Hannie

Serious Nomming

This guy was so hungry. He wouldn’t even look up at me for a photo.


I’ll be eating some camel this next weekend.

Ann and Mom sampling beers

While Ann and Mom sampled beers, the rest of the family wandered off to have fun elsewhere.

Snake Dancers

Belly dancers with tree snakes? Yes, I’ll watch that.

Snake Dancer

Me at the Mead Booth

After Karyn, Bryan and Hannie left early and my other family were hanging out with Puke & Snot, I decided to hang out in the shade with some mead (half raspberry, half regular — per Ann’s suggestion).

Fairy with wings

I really do love the people watching at the Renaissance Festival.

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