Honolulu is Next

I’m not done talking about my trip to LA yet (I’m falling behind again!), but I’m already getting excited for my next trip—a real vacation, absolutely no work! I’m heading to Honolulu for my birthday next month. My lovely friend, Jen, will be hosting me. She just sent a very thrilling tentative itinerary:

I haven’t been [to the Byodo-In Temple]. I hear it is really cool, though. I will save it till when you get here. 🙂 I am getting really excited to have a visitor, so please, please, please tell me if I am over-scheduling your trip.

And a quick note on the way we do sailing… when we go, we don’t really go out into the open ocean. There is a a nice, calm bay we sail in and we just park at a sand bar and drink beer for a couple hours and then sail back. So, I will see how this works out. We never know how the weather is going to be. We might do this on the Saturday you are here.

My class for the Friday you will be in town is canceled, so I am thinking going up to the north shore on a “circle island tour”. We will eat shrimp truck. Shrimp truck is the most delicious thing I have eaten on this island. Ugh! totally the ono (tasty). And we will get shave ice. In November, the big waves are going to start happening on the north shore, and we can watch the pro surfers work their magic.

We will also go to Hanauma Bay which is the best place on the island for snorkeling. This is one more place I haven’t gone, but I have intended on going there forever. Snorkeling is way more fun and interesting than I could have ever imagined!

I will also have to take you to eat Hawaiian food. There is a good place I will take you to. Some things are delicious, some things are “interesting” and everything has a story.

I have a friend who is going back to the mainland for two months, and I think she is going to let me borrow her car for that length of time (it’s a convertible!!!). So you might not have to worry about renting a car!

I am so thrilled. I should probably already be planning another Hawaiian vacation for next year… Jen is there for grad school, so my time for crashing on her couch is limited! 🙂

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