Holiday Reflection

I am at home in South Dakota for the whole of Thanksgiving week! It’s lovely to take a vacation from work and school but I find myself missing a few people, but it’s also lovely to hang out with my parents and see friends from high school, too.

I should update about what I’m doing these days… Um, well. Not very much. Italian was sort of horrible for a while but it’s drawing to a close and I’m feeling like the learning pace has slowed a little so I can actually understand what is happening. The last oral exam went pretty well, I think, too. I’m sad about not having a darkroom next semester, but perhaps I’ll devote more time to the website and to my personal well-being. It is going to be so lovely to not have the homework guilt!

I turned 23 last weekend. I’m feeling a little crazy about my life these days, though last week was a very good week.

Oh, and I lost my cellphone and I don’t know when it’s coming back. Rabid dogs have eaten it by now, for sure.

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