Hart Lake: Part 2


Mary roasts makkaraa

We roasted makkaraa (which is Finnish for “sausages”) and went to bed “early” on Saturday night.

The Cabin before bed

In the kitchen

Ugly Wallpaper

This wallpaper is on par with my kitchen’s wallpaper, except it’s better because it belongs in a cabin. Um, I mean that in a nice way…


Set it to Bacon

Sunday Morning

Good morning, the most perfectest of Sundays.


Flirting with Fishes

I sat on the edge of the dock by myself for a little while. It afforded me some quiet moments with baby fishes that were about the size of my lure—Northern Pike and a possible Blue Gill. I may not have caught any fish during the weekend, but at least I had interested parties.

Giant Spider

For some reason this spider gave me fewer heebie-jeebies than your average, teeny-tiny house spider. And it was monstrous—it’s sitting on a sour cream container lid in this photo. And it was carrying a huge egg sack. Mary and Johanna trapped it in the gazebo, and later Eric let it go in the trees.

Johanna inflates




Hot Rocks


I don’t know how long we laid on this floaty, but it was awesome. Johanna anchored it somehow so we just drifted around, watching the sky. Then we would flip over and watch the plants and schools of minnows in the water.

More frog!

What is it?

If you know what this is, please let me know. Thanks.

Johanna's Kingdom

Northern Pike #2

Clam Digging

We chilled on the sandy beach on the other side of the lake for a little while.



I swear I didn’t do this on purpose, but it makes me laaaaaugh

Name in the sand


Lily pads

Floating snail


Almost immediately after this photo the Loons ducked down into the water. This was the closest they let us get all weekend.

Toe bite

And then a horsefly bit my toe. 🙁 It didn’t hurt then, but it bruised and later itched for days! Jerk.

Red, White  & Blue Rocks

I should’ve snapped a photo of this phenomenon on our way in: most of the neighbors had placed red-, white- and blue-painted rocks at the end of their drive. Apparently no one knows who started this trend.

Fred's in Goodland, MN

Fred’s is where we acquired the makkaraa—very delish. I bought more before Mary and I headed back to city life. Sigh. It was such a good weekend.

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