goose goose lemur

on sunday, before making the long drive back to minneapolis, we made one more three-year old birthday pitstop at the great plains zoo.


when you first enter you get to see all of the animals standing completely still. how nice of them. better for photographing.

IMG_0278 IMG_0280

i liked this wall. who wants to help me paint a wall in my crafting room with this sort of scene?

IMG_0281 IMG_0282

hannie is a silly monkey.


they’re just playing.


monkey pile!

IMG_0293 IMG_0295

such a fashionable little fish.


karyn was eaten by a hippo before we even got to see any moving animals. tragic!

IMG_0299 IMG_0300 IMG_0303

ok, enough of this. real animals, please!


the first animal we saw outside was a peacock and this is about all that i remembered from the zoo when i first visited a million years ago.

IMG_0322 IMG_0325 IMG_0341 IMG_0349 IMG_0354

the alpaca was the most apprehensive.


after hannie rode the carousel (the first time), i had to go look at most of the african animals alone. because she wanted to keep riding the carousel.

IMG_0361 IMG_0363 IMG_0372 IMG_0375

lazy cheetahs! very boring.


this is the baby rhino that, at one point, hannie was excited about. before the carousel happened.


hannie’s last ride on the carousel was with me. honestly? i got kinda dizzy.

IMG_0408 IMG_0409

i like lemurs because they look like cats with even crazier eyes.

IMG_0424 IMG_0426 IMG_0427

we ended our visit with the asian kitties. and there was one i’ve never seen before: pallas’ cat! adorable.

IMG_0428 IMG_0434

he was a little bigger than a house cat and he was all chatter-y and chirp-y. wanted to bring him home!

and i thought about him the whole way home to minneapolis. (not really) (maybe)

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