Finished Object: Mermaid Tail Afghan


Pattern: Mermaid Tail Afghan by Nadia Fuad
Made For: Hannie’s Christmas gift
Hook: 6mm (J)
Yarn: So many stash yarns! Including Berroco Vintage, Euro Yarns Orion (to add sparkle), King Cole Soft As Silk DK, Lion Brand BabySoft Solid, Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice, and Madil Yarns Iceland. I purchased three various skeins of Plymouth Yarn Encore which I didn’t really need but oh, well.
Completed: December 19, 2015

Did you notice anything different about this project? It’s sort of major… this is my first crochet project! I don’t remember where I first saw it, but it was within that time when all yarn-workers start thinking about Christmas presents. I figured I had plenty of time (which I did) (though I didn’t account for all those ends to weave in) (or how this wouldn’t be a great traveling project so I really only worked on it at home after a certain number of yarns got involved). Luckily, I finished it just in time for Christmas (including a light wash and blocking for a couple days – it was still a little damp on Christmas Eve).


I started over at least three times. The first time I was getting the hang of finding the right tension and understanding the different crochet stitches; the second time I screwed up and missed some stitches or added too many extra stitches; and the third time I believe I had finally gotten it correct enough to be satisfied. The shell stitch is not too complicated, so once I got the rhythm down I was on my way! But then it got boring really quickly and I missed knitting. (Not that my knitting goes any faster, I just don’t have to pay as much attention for certain movements.)


The tail worked up fairly quickly, too. I didn’t envision it correctly in my mind, though — I might’ve worked the colors a little differently but by the time I got it I was too far along to want to start over. I think it ended up just fine.



As usual: cat tested. Cat approved.


Pop-pop decided to check it out, too.


I’m happy to note that I didn’t have to coerce her into using the blanket in order to grab these photos on Christmas morning. I honestly thought that she wasn’t too excited when she opened it on Christmas Eve, but of course she wasn’t: there were still other presents to open!

I made the medium size, which fits her just fine for now (she’s about 6 and a half years old). I worry that she’ll outgrow it pretty quick, though. I wish I had made it a little taller, but it’s nice to understand how easy it is to “pick up and crochet” so I could always come up with a way to expand the top of the blanket should she ever want me to.

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