Finished Object: Crown for Me

Ready for winter with my new crown! #nerdgirlyarn #ravelry

Pattern: Elvira by Alyssa Heath
Made For: Myself
Needle: US 2
Yarn: Nerd Girl Yarns Bounce & Stomp (fingering weight) in “Honey You Should See Me In a Crown”
Completed: September 3, 2015

I shoulda snapped a photo before winding this skein! Oh, well -  looking forward to seeing it all knit up. #nerdgirlyarn purchased at @kelly_sadler1's new shop!

A friend from my weekly knitting group, Kelly, recently opened new yarn & fiber shop. One of the yarn lines she carries, and is super intriguing to everyone, is from Nerd Girl Yarns. I decided that I liked the colorway’s name, so I grabbed a skein on her first open day.


Every winter I wonder why I haven’t knit a hat for myself. I can’t wonder that any more! I’m holding on to this one. The brim pattern was very easy to follow and the colors that pop out in the stitches really delight me.


As an addendum, the colorway name may seem familiar to – it wasn’t to me, because I’ve never watched Sherlock. (I know I should!)

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