Finished Object: Cold as F*ck Mittens

Before we know it, it’s going to be Christmas yet again. However, it’s the beginning of October and I don’t have any knitted gifts in mind… so I guess I’ll keep diligently working on the items I already have in progress. (I am practicing so much restraint by not casting on something new.)


Last Christmas, though, I had the pleasure of finding the most perfect thing(s) to knit as Rachel’s secret Santa. I mean, maybe these mittens tell you a little about who she is, but a good gift for Rachel should be (a) black and (b) sassy. So I was more than a little excited to be able to finally knit this pattern for someone! It’s been on my “to knit” list for quite some time.


The colorwork on these mittens was a little bit fiddly, but the content was so amusing that it made them practically fly off of my needles. They’d be cute in blue or maybe pink, too. It all depends on the recipient, I suppose!

I also used a worsted weight yarn although the pattern calls for a fingering weight yarn. I adjusted the initial cast on and wrist warmer to fit a little more snugly, but otherwise I let these mittens be a little bigger — after all, if it’s too cold you need to wear layers, even on your hands. Having a little extra wiggle room inside these mittens means that Rachel could add a pair of gloves to her winter layering wardrobe if she wants.


… but I hope Rachel doesn’t need to think about layering for the cold yet! I kinda am: it’s only the beginning of October and I’m ready to turn the heat on at my house. It’s too soon! But I guess it’s the right season for me to adopt a clever phrase into my life: knit fast, stay warm.

Pattern: How Cold Is It? by Drunk Girl Designs
Made For: Rachel
Needle: US 2 – 2.75mm
Yarns: Cascade 220 Superwash
Completed: January 7, 2017

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