Finished Object: Bruins Hat


Pattern: Chunky Men’s Beanie by Jolly Noggin Knits
Made For: Jason
Needle: US8 & US9
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Cloud and Schachenmayr Lova Fan
Completed: January 7, 2015 — but I finally sewed on the patch and added a pom-pom this past weekend


This was a spontaneous project last winter. The Lova Fan yarn was new. NU stocked it in the colorways to attract Packers or Vikings fans, but I picked it up in black and white since it seemed like it should easily match something. Then I happened upon Cloud in the golden color. Being the wife of a sports fan, I’m always on the search for team colors with which to knit something fun for her mister.


Lova Fan is a self-striping Acrylic/Wool blend. Cloud is a Merino/Alpaca blend. It’s kind of an odd combo, but their weight and guage matched enough to make the team colors for Boston Bruins!


I sewed the patch (found on Ebay) on with a strand of Cloud. I actually snipped a rather large chunk of it, intending to un-ply it, before I found that it was simply a long i-cord!


I also made my first pom-pom! It is perhaps a little thicker and larger than necessary but it used up the remainder of the Lova Fan, so fewer scraps makes me happy. And Jason wore the hat to work today, so I think he’s happy with it, too!

My first pom-pom! #bruins #ravelry

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