Feeling Fabulous

On Tuesday night Kristi and I went to the Turf Club to see Thunder in the Valley play. Unfortunately, they weren’t actually playing. We listened to Sam Keenan instead. After a while, since we gals like to play pool, we decided to hover around the one pool table. The boy and girl that were playing seemed almost done, so I asked if they were planning to play again. They were, but they offered to play doubles. I told them we would just wait until they were done. They played again and then the boy, Jason, approached me while Kristi was in the bathroom. They had just come from Austin, Texas. The girl, Kim, was moving here because she received a fellowship. Jason asked again if we would play doubles, so… of course! We talked while we played and agreed to hang out the next night (they won the game of pool and had other opponents to play). Last night we met them at the Independent and later went to Big V’s for a show. There we met a couple friends of Jason’s girlfriend (small world!) and had a good ol’ time! I told my new friends that I’m going to throw them a party soon. I’m awesome.

Tonight, though, and until Monday afternoon, I am headed home to Vermillion, South Dakota. My plans: Friday, eat lunch at Chae’s; Saturday, might be seeing Trick Pony with the parents and Hy-Vee crew; Sunday, fishing with the parents; Monday, eat lunch at Chae’s. It will almost be like a real vacation! I think it’ll be really nice to not think Minneapolis for a couple days.

Also, visual stimulation from the 4th of July at the Stone Arch Bridge:

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