fabric obsession

last weekend i finished cutting all of the pieces to put together my first quilt with the circa 1934 pattern. they are all laid out and ready for sewing! one of these days…

31 blocks cut, 11 more to go #quilting

until then, i’ve become a little obsessed with my itty bitty stash. i’ve been buying a lot of fat quarters from my local quilt shop and i’m not always sure what the pattern name or collection is. thanks to google, though, i’ve been able to find a lot of names and label everything i’ve used so far. this is probably not normal behavior, but it feels good to know where everything came from — especially if i ever want to try to track down more!

anyway, i am very glad that i did some quilting work on saturday, the final day of national quilting month, because on sunday i woke up to a very awesome tweet:

at first i was excited because i never win contests! 😀 but then it occurred to me that it was april 1st and what if it was a joke. 🙁 but of course it wasn’t! i’m so excited to go shopping (online) — but i have no idea what to buy!

many, many thanks to seamedup and the fat quarter shop!

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