Extravaganza Part III

catch up! catch up! catch up!

i added more plants and cedar mulch to my little flower garden.

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yesterday i discovered some animal has come along and completely stolen my anemone plant. it was dead anyway, but seriously? that area of the garden is totally ugly now.

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bertine had a girls-only clothing swap.

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this is bertine’s girl cat, harriet, so don’t worry. no boys infiltrated! (her two boy cats hid in another room.)

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i saw some fun puppets from the in the heart of the beast during the annual may day parade.

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this banana was not from the heart of the beast, but he was clever. and handing out bananas. like.

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these two are married now! that’s another post though. back to puppets!

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“year of the tiger” was the parade theme.

@ powderhorn park @ powderhorn park @ powderhorn park @ powderhorn park @ powderhorn park @ powderhorn park @ powderhorn park

can you believe it? seriously. these puppets are so wonderful.

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then life was quiet for a little while. i know because i’m going through my flickr photo stream and the only things i posted for a week or two are my photos of the day.

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however, during this quiet time, i finally left tcf bank for spire credit union. i’ve been wanting to switch to a credit union for a while since i’m just about ready to think about buying a new car or my very own house or something big like that. i think being part of a credit union will help me with this sort of thing.

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i’ve also been spending a lot of time having a big crush on my boyfriend. he’s pretty darn awesome. (he was celebrating cinco de mustache in this photo.)

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and, of course, i’ve been petting my kitties. they recently received a FURminator (from me) and it’s all they can talk about (if they aren’t talking about food).

my real reason for this photo purge? i am participating in flashbelt this week and will be heading out to las vegas in about a week and a half and i just really need to clear my blog’s to do list before i can properly share these other experiences with you. there are other events coming up over the next month or two that i will be taking a lot of photos during, so purge purge purge i go! what will i post about next?!

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