I love karaoke at Legend’s. It’s possibly the best ever.

You get the whole range of singers — excellent (last night she sang Etta James) to horrible (last night he sang Dolly Parton). There are the kids who just want to have fun in the audience and sing along. There are the girls that get up to dance with each other. There is the fashionable Karaoke Jockey, Brenda, who does such a fantastic job of giving everyone their turns. There is the waitress who almost begins spouting off specials at me, then realizes what she’s doing and says, “Oh, you already know!” There are the drunk corporate employees who cheer for each singer (it was lovely to be cheered for — as I walked on to the stage — last night). There is the doorman who always looks a little angry but doesn’t ask for my ID anymore. There is the nemesis, who always sings Journey (she sang it again last night)! I don’t like her, but I’m glad she exists so I can mix a little drama with my karaoke.

It’s true: I am a regular and I am proud! I may not make it every week (actually, before last night I haven’t been there in about a month), but the love always exists.

I am fortunate to have found a neighborhood that united me with Legend’s.

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