Didn’t I see you crying?

School is drawing closer and closer… I will start to not sleep so well in the next couple days because I will be full of nervous energy. Will I be in classes with a bunch of 20 year olds? Are they really that different from me? Will they accept me as one of their own? Will they question my action of still taking classes? Will they understand that adulthood thus far has been boring and school keeps things interesting (I now realize)? But the big question that has nothing to do with my prospective classmates is: will I be able to keep up with things after being so lazy and happy for so long (since last December!)?

On another note, it is Kristi’s birthday week and there is much celebration going on. Last night we went to karaoke at Legend’s. I am a little sad that maybe I’ll poop out of karaoke nights once classes begin, but last night was grand. A very nice end to the summer! Kristi and I got there early and perused the books. We were approached by Lando, a sports-jersey-sweatpants-wearing guy who had arrived with what appeared to be a Legend’s-sponsored baseball team. He asked if one of us would be willing to sing “Summer Nights” (yes, from Grease) with him. Kristi quickly said that she doesn’t do karaoke, so I said I wouldn’t mind. The amazing thing (and almost sad) is that this was not a scam. He was not trying to pick us up. He didn’t even talk to us except for this request. Lando and I sang our song and it was silly and great and we high-fived at the end. We went our separate ways; me back to the plate of nachos Kristi had ordered and he back to a girl at the bar that he was macking on.

Of course Kristi did sing karaoke later. I sang a couple more songs, too. The regular woman who PJ’s (people jockey?) was out and her replacement was a very blingified African-American dude with cornrows. I thought he was awesome. He sang some fun songs and he let me sing twice, even though the place was packed. All I had to do was smile and be excited. And I was — especially to sing Cheap Trick’s “I Want You To Want Me” — which went over much better than Nick Lowe’s “Cruel to Be Kind.” (I’ve thought about starting a karaoke journal, but that is much too dorky.)

Before Kristi and I left, the karaoke playback of the night happened: a pudgy metrosexual Asian guy in a pink shirt sang “I Will Always Love You.” And he was good. And he was totally serious. And, afterwards, during the applause, his friends did not mock him mercilessly. They gave him that sort of “boy hug” (clasp hands in a shake, pull each other’s fist to their chests, pat each other on the back with the other hand). It was great!

And then it was definitely time for bed.

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