Designing for a Wedding


Although I make my living as a web developer now, I still can’t resist dabbling in print design (which is where my career in design and development started). I’m feeling a bit rusty with creating initial design concepts, but with the right inspiration and a little time to shift to that other side of my brain I can come up with some pretty fun things!


I had the pleasure of creating save the date postcards, an RSVP postcard, and an invitation for Bertine and Zach’s wedding. They provided a few links to other designs around the internet that they liked, told me their desired color scheme, and let me loose! We probably went through three or four “do you like this or that?” rounds of concepts, but I very much enjoy where we landed!

rsvp_front_BZ rsvp_back_BZ

There is just no greater feeling than holding my design work in my hands — something that is not so easy to do with the web! There is just something about the texture of a nice paper and the smell of fresh ink… I think I will hold onto my print design knowledge as much as I can, though I always have knitting (and now sewing) for other tangible evidence of my creativity and craftiness.

invitation_front_BZ invitation_back_BZ

Bertine and Zach were very easy-going “clients,” so I thank them for entrusting me with this project! And it seems that doing this work has opened the possibility of more freelance print design work — tonight I’ve been working on my friend, Mary’s, save the date postcard for her wedding (to Jonathan) in June.

I’m very happy to be able to help my friends as they go through such an important part of their lives!

And, oh —


Bertine had a few invitations left over, so she was able to get crafty with a hole-puncher and use the smaller details of the invitation to wrap around the favors (hand warmers for winter in Minnesota). Love it!

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