Delightful weekend

Friday night: rented “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” in honor of Friday the 13th and being very interested in laying on my couch at home for a change. It was decent — some parts were silly and some parts were, um, educational. Interesting and spooky, at least. Kristi and I watched “Fever Pitch” afterwards just to make sure that we’d be able to sleep.

Saturday morning: attended the belly dance class that Karyn and I had planned to try the previous Saturday morning. Kristi joined us, too. It was fun! I hope we’re all planning to go again as I need more hip-shaking practice and fun with zills. Afterwards we went the The Egg & I for brunch. Yum!

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Saturday night: Kristi and I drove to Plymouth to visit some of my extended family. Scott and Diane returned from a 6-month hike on the Appalachian Trail in October. They had a bunch of friends and family over, served food and drink from all of the states they hiked through, shared maps, camping gear and photos from their trip. Very cool. I drank beer from Vermont all evening: Long Trail Ale.

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Then Kristi and I got into the tiny tent since we were almost the youngest people at the party.

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I got home around 8pm and Paul joined me around 8:30. We watched “The Exorcist” in honor of the full moon. That movie isn’t as scary as it once was, but I couldn’t watch Regan’s spider-walk down the stairs. Yikes.

Sunday: Kristi and I went for brunch and Bloody Marys at Legend’s. Yum.

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Then we picked up Jon Rusch. We played Trivial Pursuit before Kristi and Jon started playing the piano then dancing like lunatics.

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Around 4pm, Kristi and I joined Karyn and Barry at Grumpy’s for Scrabble.

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Afterwards Kristi and I went home for a while then went to visit Jason and Serg and company in south Minneapolis.

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Today is Serg’s birthday — HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SERG! We didn’t stay long because I had plans to hang out with Peter. Once I got home, he came over and we were hypnotized by Minnesota Bound before switching to “Office Space.”

I woke up this morning around 10am (University of MN declared a holiday for its students and staff, hooray) to this drama:

10:14am: So, Jack’s not in the aquarium and something appeared to drop from the ceiling behind the aquarium as I was getting out of bed a few minutes ago. I stood on my bed as whatever it was thumped around under my dresser, unable to get out. After a few minutes and it slowed down, it occurred to me that it might be Jack. I’m fairly sure it is Jack. However, he is under my dresser and although the four drawers can be removed easily, the 10 gallon aquarium sitting on top of the dresser can not. I was hoping I could remove the bottom drawer and there wouldn’t be any sort of support plank (so I could just see what was underneath), but my dresser is made well, I guess.

So this sucks. It’s a day off and someone close to me has already committed suicide.

What is WRONG with my stupid fish??

10:29am: Jack does not appear to be under the dresser. Nor is he on the dresser behind the aquarium. I have no idea where he is. It should not be this easy to lose a fish.

10:37am: I found him, he is under my knitting bag (next to the dresser). I’m glad no one is here to hear me screaming like an idiot right now. POOR JACK. This is the worst morning in the history of days off.

10:43am: I just very carefully placed some toilet paper over the deceased, planning to scoop him up in it for burial at sea but I can’t do it yet. I hate what a girl I am right now. It’s just a dead fish. … Oh, but he was one of my babies. 🙁 This is sad/pathetic for me.

10:47am: The eulogy: “Goodbye, Jack. I was going to clean your tank today, [profanity].” And then I shook my fist and then I flushed. End of saga. Day continues as usual once I get my dresser back to normal.

Although that was quite stressful, I’ve been trying to relax today. I baked some very easy bread, took out the garbage and cleaned the aquarium’s filter. Now it is time to watch Oprah and knit.

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