Day 21 – Your job and/or schooling

i began college as a german language and english major. in my junior year i tried interior design. in my senior (and final) year, i went back to german (and participated in an immersion program as all of the credits i needed were german classes).

i regret never studying abroad, but i did visit my gal, kristi, in germany for two weeks during winter break of my senior year.

when i graduated i became the “accountant” for the museum i worked at, and continued taking photography classes through the art department and design classes through the college of design at the university of minnesota. eventually my job as accountant was sketchy and not what i wanted, so i took all of my design knowledge and and got an opportunity to be a full-time designer for the company i work at now. i’m in the marketing department, so i do webpages as well as print ads and special event materials.

what will i do next, i wonder? i’m not quite sure i’m ready to make a decision about my next step (regarding further career specializing), but it’ll be coming soon, i think.

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