Day 20 – Your morning routine

my week day morning routine, since my weekend morning routine is usually just sleeping (if i’m lucky): usually alarm cat™, ellipses, tries to wake me between 5:30-6 a.m. for his breakfast and skritches. sometimes i lock him out instead so i can sleep for just another 10 minutes…


after feeding the cats, i plug in my phone to charge then stumble around in the bathroom for a while. i shower, then usually ampersand is ready for her skritches, then i brush my teeth and comb through my hair. i use at least 3 or 4 aveda products in my hair every morning to make my hair less crazy. (i love aveda.) somewhere between getting dressed and drying my hair, i brew coffee to take on the road to work and chow down some breakfast. lately i’ve got a thing for peanut butter toast.

Ampersand helps me check the 'net

my last step before heading out the door is usually putting on pants, because i want to spend very little time with the lint/cat hair roller when i get to work. but that’s about it.

i blame my cats for making me late every morning.

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