Day 18 – Your favorite birthday

i think it was my 7th birthday when my mom asked me what kind of cake i wanted. i insisted that i wanted lemon filling. she asked me if i was sure; what if i didn’t like lemon filling? didn’t matter. i needed lemon filling.

and guess what? i didn’t like it!

in hindsight, i think that’s hilarious. but i guess it’s not my favorite birthday.

there was that one birthday when i was pushed around in a box. i think i still drank whiskey then.

or that time i made a few friends go bowling with me.

on my 21st birthday, i went to old chicago and drank killian’s. (incidentally, i’ve been working on the beer tour ever since then – only 18 more beers till my name is on the wall of foam! slowly but surely someday i’ll get ‘er done.)

@ home

or that birthday that my family gave me a gift certificate to adopt my first kitty! i waited another month and a half until i brought ellipses home.

on my 13th birthday, i got a pizza party with my friends and then we all went to see “ace ventura: pet detective.” that was back when i had a sense of humor. i’m too old for that now.
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taking a trip to san francisco just after my birthday that one time was pretty cool, too.

@ king george hotel

of course, last year i gave myself hawaii (with the cooperation of my friend, jen). that was one of the best ideas i’ve ever had, probably.


i can’t lie: my birthday is my favorite holiday. there have been a lot of good times on and around november 13th.

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