Day 15 – Your childhood

i was a quiet kid. i’m still quiet as an adult, but it’s less because of being shy and more because i’m reserved.

i also used to be quiet because i was always playing with my barbies. there were a couple times when i’d be done playing, go explore the rest of the house, and realize i was alone.

yes, i was forgotten at home. so i would just hang out with the cat. (he was really the best cat, ever.)

i think i just psychology-ed myself, because what do i do now as an adult? i quietly play with my computer, and when i’m finished, i hang out with my cats.

(243/365) @ home

oy vey.

i’ve had a congested-head ache for days, and even though i just woke up from an hour-long nap, my eyes are so so so itchy. it’s the emo cold from hell, folks.

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