Day 10 – What you wore today

it’s wednesday, and since i am usually required to go to work on wednesdays, i was all business casual and stuff.

@ chipotle

i decided to wear my soft, green sweater instead of my blue and black-striped turtleneck because i had just worn that last friday. i also wasn’t sure it’d be cold enough weather for a turtleneck.

@ light rail

i also discovered that i have a very limited supply of black socks. so i threw on some blue socks that have various-colored stripes and some glittery thread woven through. then, after just a second of thinking it would be too cRaZy, i wore my purple shoes.

so that’s what i wore today. what a boring entry, but i’m glad for an easy topic.

speaking of clothes, though, just before halloween i discovered that my recently-discovered most favorite little black dress ever is not in my house.

@ st. paul college club

have you seen it?! i only got to wear it twice; i’m so sad about this disappearance.

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