Day 04 – Your music

my ipod has gotten me through some tough days. i love music and i love how it can distract me or relax me, or both all at once. if it has a beat and i can either sing along or dance along, i’ll pretty much like the music.

i mostly like indie chick singers, and if you ever play rock band with me, these are the kinds of songs i’ll typically choose to sing. (i’m looking forward to singing ida maria in the new rock band 3 soon!)

@ northrup auditorium

i cried after i met fiona apple because i so freakin’ happy. i told her i loved her music because i’m a huge nerd.

@ pantages

feist insisted that the audience sing along. that may be the best concert i’ve been to. it’s at least in the top five.

@ first avenue

liz phair was smokin’ hot. that was a fun show for singing along, too.

@ rock the garden

it’s hard for me to dislike music unless it’s just noisy or the singer’s voice is irritating. sometimes i even like country music… though not really today’s “modern” county songs… unless it’s shania twain or faith hill.

what?! i like singing along!

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