Day 02 – Your first love

Hmm… Who should I write about for this one? Chad Allen (whose posters from Tiger Beat hung above my bed)? Jonathan Brandis (may he rest in peace)?

@ fine line music cafe

I suppose I could write about my first boyfriend, Pat, but that wasn’t really love or anything. We used to listen to Tom Waits and Nine Inch Nails and hold hands and stuff. High school kinda romance, you know.

@ dalrymple home

Jason is the first man to whom I’ve said “I love you,” and I was very careful with the words. I wanted to mean it and I wanted to be sure. I didn’t say it on New Years’ Eve, when I was sick and kinda gross and he kissed me anyway. I didn’t say it on Valentine’s Day, when he gave me a pearl necklace and we went to see the Minnesota Wild play, followed by a sushi dinner in a Japanese restaurant that was filled with heart-shaped balloons.

@ sakura

I said it on March 25th at the Fine Line Music Cafe while we watched Dan Navarro perform “Cold Outside.” Jason told me he was dedicating the song to me that night. I was the weepy kinda happy, it was perfect.

@ fine line music cafe

Oh, shoot, did I just ruin day 17’s topic, “your favorite memory”? Because that whole night is a really good one.

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