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this is going to take all of my effort. it’s only seven o’clock and i am ready to go to bed. yaaaawn.

@ needlework unlimited


@ needlework unlimited

i was all bloggy with it, until i went yarn shopping at needlework unlimited on tuesday night. i’m working frantically on a gift for a friend, while ignoring a ravenclaw scarf i meant to finish before starting another project. it’s always so much easier to work on projects for other people, though.

(278/365) @ home

i spent too long thinking about color choices and i finally had to get one of the clerks involved. she made my mind up within 10 minutes. then i spent the whole rest of the night not understanding how to get started on this new project. i’ve got it now, though.

@ work (279/365) @ work

meanwhile, my worklife is full of sugar lately.

(280/365) @ oral and maxillofacial surgical consultants

which is sort of inconvenient since i have two teeth that need to someday be replaced by implants and other teeth that are already giving me pain. i’d like to get rid of this mouth and start all over.

(side note: i think the implants will have to wait a couple years. that stuff is expensive!)

@ kruskopf coontz (281/365) @ kruskopf coontz

friday was sort of crazy day. the weather here in minnesota is extremely out of character; i think yesterday we even set a record for a new high temperature. i had plenty to keep me busy all late morning/afternoon at work, but i jumped at the chance to get out at 4.

as soon as i got home, i fell down on the couch and fell asleep for an hour or so. i guess that happens sometimes, doesn’t it?

(282/365) @ sarah & james' apartment

i was a little more interesting on saturday. bertine hosted a clothing swap ( i brought 3.5 bags of my own clothes, and 4 or 5 bags of my sister’s clothes), then sarah and james hosted a birthday party for brett favre.

he’s the reason for the season, y’all.

@ sarah & james' apartment @ sarah & james' apartment

… and for the sugar overload.

@ sarah & james' apartment @ sarah & james' apartment @ sarah & james' apartment

this is james, eating favre cake wreck with a side of cheesy poofs.

@ home

after the favre party, i went over to jason’s house. we decided it was a good night for the haunting in connecticut. jason’s favorite part was after the movie had ended: his cat, sio, snuck up and stuck her cold, wet nose on my foot and made me jump about a foot in the air. he actually high-fived the cat.

my tolerance for scary movies/tv shows (ghost hunters is great) gets worse and worse.

(283/365) @ home

today i recovered by knitting my new project in the hammock in the backyard for two hours. it’s just completely weird how nice the weather is. i plugged my ipod into my ears and rock and rolled the stitches away.

@ home

i took a few pauses to watch the leaves fall off the branches above me. magical. is this what living in california would be like?

@ home @ home @ home

neighbor-dog, ziggy, came out for a visit.

@ home @ home @ home

what kind of berries are these?

@ home

my hands need a break now. no knitting, no typing. i’m surprised my fingertips are bruised yet.

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