Clean and Suffering

Since early November, I think, I had this massive pile of sweaters sitting on the floor near by bed. This weekend I finally decided that I had had enough and it needed to be cleaned up. I organized my closet and cleaned up drawers in my dresser and armoire and made room for sweaters I wear constantly and found a bag for sweaters I don’t envision wearing ever again.

In the process of cleaning the closet I found many shoes that were once necessary for my collection. Many of them are impractical, rarely worn, and at least 5 years old. There were two pairs, however, that my sister recently returned to me. I don’t remember why I had given them to her and she had never worn them. I tried them on and they fit—they just needed some breaking in. I decided to try breaking in the pair of cute red flat-heeled slip-ons on Sunday morning.

It is Wednesday morning and I am still suffering. Today I am wearing a pair of brown platform lace-up shoes that have no traction (combined with Minnesota ice and this was a bad decision). Only 2 minutes from my front door, during my walk to the bus, and I could feel the searing pain of an angry ankle that is tired of wearing new old shoes. My left sock might be ruined and I have now applied antibiotic ointment and two adhesive bandages to the wound. I am going to be limping around the museum today. It is amazing what I will do in order to love my shoes.

In other news, Law & Order SVU was very good last night and I might have a crush on Detective Stabler. Also I wish March 7th would come sooner because I really, really, really want a new phone.

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