champions of dc

early last week, jason and i hopped on a flight to dc.


the first sight we saw was fort washington national park. kinda. (as pointed out by the dude in the seat behind us.) right on the potomac. then i think we saw georgetown, but i have no idea, really.

100_1602 IMG_7708

the first evening we were there, though, wasn’t for sightseeing. we were picked up at the airport by a private driver with a private car that had little, complementary bottles of water, fresh newspapers, and tons of extra leg room. we were promptly delivered to the ritz carlton, where the art utilizes very fancy apples (seemingly switched daily). the first thing we did in our super-duper fancy hotel room? we each took a nap.


after recharging our internal batteries, we geared up for a very fancy, formal night with jason’s employer, cigna, and his coworkers. we were attending his company’s annual employee appreciation/recognition event. after putting on our finest attire (jason bought a new suit for the occasion), we went downstairs and located the rest of jason’s team. we were served appetizers and were welcomed to an open bar while all of the invited employees gathered. around 7, the doors for the ceremony were opened and we found our assigned seats… and served a really delicious three-course dinner! so much food, but so so so yummy.


it was an excellent event — every team of employees from across the country had a special story of why they were “champions” of the company. it was inspiring. and i may have forced one woman to give me a hug. (her story? she helped a customer get out of the hospital and spend his/her final days at home, surrounded by family. it really struck a chord with me, considering the subject of my last post.)

100_1675 100_1676

after the event, we stayed in our fancy clothes and went out on the town with jason’s coworkers. tons of fun! to be perfectly honest, we had so much fun that the next morning, i woke up a little bit hungover — but so ready to do some sightseeing! after a somewhat low-energy breakfast (or was that just me?) with jason’s team, we set about the business of being tourists.

stay tuned…

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