belated 10th anniversary with knitting

i have been thinking about my first knitting project for the last week. it’s not a terribly exciting story, in my mind. it was my last year in college, i was spending the year writing a final project for my german studies degree, and a couple of my close friends were studying abroad. i think i wanted a hobby that didn’t take up too much space, just to pass the time — it was truly the first time i was living by myself, in a room in a house with at least 6 other roommates — only two of whom i ever actually met (and one became a friend).

i remember struggling a bit with loneliness that year — a hobby would be a good distraction, right?

@ karyn & bryan's apartment

i went to michael’s and found a few yarn colors i liked — i believe it was all lion brand. i can’t remember if the pattern was on one of the skeins’ wrapper or if i found it online somehow. (what did i do before knitty? before ravelry?)

my sister had a book or two that i used to try to teach myself. (before youtube knitting instruction videos!) i remember that we were on our way home for a weekend; she was driving, i was trying to understand how to knit. and i did!

there was a while that each and every one of my finished pieces had a dropped stitch, and i’m sure this project had its fair share of mistakes. i actually recently found it again — in a box at my parents’ house. i didn’t inspect it very closely, but from the photo it looks like i did pretty well for my first project! whip stitch and all!

if i could pick any five items from InterweaveStore, they would be:

  1. Mink Leadville Knitted Cowl Kit (so pretty! and i haven’t knitting with an alpaca blend before…)
  2. Knitted Lace (hardcover) (i love lace work!)
  3. KnitScene subscription! (because this magazine is full of great patterns always)
  4. Favorite Socks (hardcover) (i still have not knit socks!)
  5. A Handknit Romance (do i see beadwork and lace included in this book?)

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