At the 400 Bar

So, the show last night was fun. Kristi and I arrived just a bit late and missed some of Planes for Spaces already short set. Rebecca was cute, though, and their music seemed fun. I didn’t get many photos of them because there were many people crowded around the front of the stage.

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Figurines played after them and they were so hipster-euro-stylish. They had nice music, too. I had a crush on them, though I felt bad for the dude in the fancy blue suit who was stuck in the back corner with no lights.

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There were so many boys in skinny jeans last night! I was distracted/distressed/intrigued by that.

Plastic Chord plays the 400 Bar tomorrow with Semi-Precious Weapons, though I’m not sure that I can afford more fun this close to the end of the month. They are also playing the Uptown Bar on Halloween, but then I have class that day. As their top groupie, I am disappointed with myself for thinking about missing these shows.

Have I complained to you yet about how stupid busy this autumn has been/will be? Coming up is the GRE, for which I have every intention of studying. I wish I had a study-buddy, though. It would be nice to be nervous with someone else.

Also, I keep scolding myself about my photo gallery—it’s getting a bit overloaded and I need to clean it up. However, deleting crap photos and resizing and all of that is not something I want to spend time doing right now. So it will continue to be slow with the loading.

Ok, now I have to do work which is what I was supposed to be doing all along.

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