abe loves his valentines


i forgot my knitting on craft tuesday, so i did some coloring instead. i hung that lovely “love” doodle on my front door in the afternoon.


i’m just showing off my mad coloring skillz in this one. “g” for “gage” (my office).

tuesday was abraham lincoln’s birthday and it’s also one of the better nights during the week to host a rock band get together with friends. so i told everyone that abraham lincoln* needs more valentines and please come over and have special foods with us.

* i’m abraham lincoln.


crystal brought valentines for everyone! adorable!


i like the white ones best.




this week wouldn’t have been complete without a heartbaker pizza from papa murphy’s!



another successful pinterest-inspired party treat! there is always room for jell-o.


pre-rock band.


post-rock band! crystal and i sang duets all night long, the harmony function is so fun.

This song was so new, we made #11 on the Rock Band leaderboard! #project365

this song was so new to the rock band store that we actually made #11 on the leaderboard charts! that was pretty exciting.


oh, yeah – i stepped in for drummer jason on a song. i couldn’t play expert, but i did try hard. oh, boy, was that exciting.

i don’t even bother pretending i can play the foot pedal at the same time. that song killed my right arm, too.


i stayed up ’til 1am! and i have now been tired for three days. is it the weekend yet?

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