50 self-care ideas

Here is a post I started a billion years ago, inspired by a similar post on some other blog somewhere. Since I don’t really make New Year’s Eve resolutions, I thought it might be nice to finish this list of things I can do to take care of myself. Here’s hoping for more joy in 2015!

  1. Get a pedicure.
  2. Get a manicure.
  3. Read for pleasure.
  4. Sit on the front steps. Just. Sit.
  5. Take a bubble bath.
  6. Buy a bouquet of fresh flowers.
  7. Take a leisurely walk — explore the neighborhood.
  8. Watch a chick flick.
  9. Take a nap.
  10. Look at the stars.
  11. Watch the clouds.
  12. Dance.
  13. Take a mental health day. (How do other people do this without feeling guilty?)
  14. Go to the farmer’s market.
  15. Sing at the top of my lungs.
  16. Watch the sun rise or set.
  17. Order in dinner.
  18. Knit something.
  19. Read a magazine.
  20. Sleep in.
  21. Bake a dessert.
  22. Eat dessert.
  23. Get a massage.
  24. Go to a museum.
  25. Take a road trip — more exploration!
  26. Look at the IKEA catalog and daydream.
  27. Watch any home renovation DIY show on HGTV.
  28. Wander around a gardening store.
  29. Lay on the grass/a beach and bask in the sun.
  30. Go out for a fancy drink.
  31. Watch something I’ve saved on the DVR.
  32. Wear an outfit that makes me feel great.
  33. Go to a coffee shop for a Chai tea latte.
  34. Get a haircut.
  35. Cuddle with my mister.
  36. Send a friend a postcard.
  37. Go see a movie in the theater.
  38. Cuddle with a cat (or two).
  39. Buy a new pair of shoes.
  40. Wear something I’ve knit.
  41. Organize or clean something that’s been annoying me.
  42. Have a cup of tea.
  43. Put clean sheets on the bed.
  44. Work on a puzzle or LEGO project.
  45. Dawdle at a department store with my mister.
  46. Go to a zoo.
  47. Do something touristy where I live.
  48. Take photos with a dSLR.
  49. Plan a get-together with a friend.
  50. Remember good times.

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