43Things.com, 2007–2014

43Things.com is shutting down! I don’t think I used the site much, but I decided to export my content anyway. It turns out that I’m not terribly exciting or keen on goal-setting… I guess. Remember how I never formally ‘finished’ my 101 goals list? Someday I’ll do a little write up about it. Maybe.

Anyway, it’s an interesting reflection to see what I was up to seven years ago (because I’m sure I logged in twice and then forgot about the site)…

I’ve done 31 things

  1. Learn to knit.
  2. Make firefox my default browser. (It still is, but now I feel like I oughta convert to Chrome.)
  3. Try out 43 things.
  4. Go to college.
  5. Graduate from high school.
  6. Try pocky.
  7. Meet someone from another country.
  8. Set up a wireless network in my house.
  9. Get a bachelor’s degree.
  10. Make my parents proud.
  11. Go to the dentist.
  12. Learn indesign.
  13. Learn filemaker.
  14. Wake up giggling.
  15. Get an ipod.
  16. Get a tattoo.
  17. Go to the movies alone.
  18. Work in a museum.
  19. Visit a museum.
  20. Sing karaoke.
  21. Create a website.
  22. Read catcher in the rye.
  23. Ride in a limo.
  24. Learn to drive a stick shift.
  25. Learn to belly dance.
  26. Get another tattoo.
  27. Redo my website.
  28. Go to a strip club.
  29. Put all my finances in quicken. (I have since converted to iBank.)
  30. Live alone.
  31. Buy an apple macbook pro.

And, even more interesting are the items I was seeking to complete seven years ago!

I’m doing 13 things

  1. Tour with a band. (Remember when I was the #1 groupie for Plastic Chord? I was hoping to join them on a roadtrip at some point.)
  2. Lose 30 pounds.
  3. Learn quark. (Ha!)
  4. Take a long roadtrip across the country.
  5. Buy a scion xa.
  6. Get a masters degree. (I don’t think I’ll ever go back to school again.)
  7. Go to new york at christmas time. (Still haven’t been to NY.)
  8. Fall in love. (Accomplished late 2009.)
  9. Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination.
  10. Go on vacation by myself. (I’ve done this several times now… and, in fact, I had gone to Germany by myself before I created this list. Did I forget?)
  11. Move someplace i’ve never been before. (I guess I’d never been to Robbinsdale before I moved there.)
  12. Create a museum.
  13. Buy a new car. (Not a Scion, but a Hyundai instead!)

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