100 things that make me happy

I’ve been working on this one for quite some time. I started this list on April 23, 2013! It wasn’t that it was difficult to think of things to add to the list, but I wanted to add things that meant a little extra to me.

  1. Taking naps with Ampersand.
  2. Binding off!
  3. Not having to share a seat on the bus.
  4. Fresh-cut flowers.
  5. The neighborhood bunnies hopping around in my yard.
  6. Tomatoes from my garden.
  7. Looking up the actors/actresses from old movies online to learn more about them.
  8. Boarding an airplane — anticipating the adventure ahead!
  9. Sometimes the sun shines into my office floor in the morning in such a way that the light bounces off of another cubicle’s glass wall and shines some sunlight into my interior-facing cubicle.
  10. Casting on. 🙂
  11. Looking forward to an annual date night with Jason to see Dan Navarro performing in Minneapolis.
  12. Sio races me upstairs when it’s bedtime.
  13. On chilly nights, Sio will even get under the bedsheets and cuddle with me.
  14. Eating strawberries from my garden.
  15. Enjoying a cookie.
  16. Finding Ellipses’ favorite fish toy in my shoes.
  17. Sharing stories about cats with anyone.
  18. Having places to wait indoors during the winter for the bus transfer during both of my daily commutes.
  19. Seeing (and hopefully petting) a new-to-me breed of dog.
  20. A story I just heard: Renee had some yarn sitting out when her grandson, Nicholas, came over to visit. “Oh!! Is Amy here?!” he asked.
  21. The bus driver smiles and says, “Good morning!”
  22. Jason, Ellipses, and Ampersand all cuddled up together and napping.
  23. Hannie says, “I love you.”
  24. Recognizing a cat from a previous year at the annual cat show in downtown St. Paul.
  25. Knitting on the bus.
  26. When Jason makes dinner.
  27. Remembering the way my grandpa laughed when we watched Too Cute together.
  28. Too Cute on Animal Planet.
  29. Birds on my bird feeders.
  30. Sometimes Jason will tuck me in when it’s bedtime.
  31. The first time I successfully dropped stitches to fix a mistake that was about 10 rows earlier.
  32. The way Ziggy (Kristi’s dog) gets excited when he sees me.
  33. Seeing a movie at a theater.
  34. Remembering that time when Hannie asked me if we could cuddle while we watched cartoons.
  35. Watching movies from the 1940’s or 1950’s.
  36. Test driving a new-to-me car.
  37. Figuring out a complicated knitting pattern.
  38. Napping with Ellipses.
  39. Playing card games family and/or friends.
  40. Seeing the neighborhood fox in Robbinsdale!
  41. Although they’re a little different than they were when I was a teenager, slumber parties with girlfriends are still awesome.
  42. Tacos at Adelita’s.
  43. Thursday night knitting group.
  44. Hitting all green lights on Lowry Avenue.
  45. Jason asked me to marry him.
  46. Quiet, sunny days in my backyard.
  47. #lunchbytheriver
  48. Roadtrips to a new-to-me place.
  49. Winning contests (especially when they involve free yarn and free tickets for entertainment!).
  50. Yoga.
  51. Quiet Saturday mornings with a cup of coffee.
  52. When the CSS is right the first time.
  53. When the JavaScript works (within the first few drafts, at least).
  54. Brunch.
  55. Getting lunch from a food truck.
  56. Reading a book that I don’t want to put down.
  57. Being a tourist (even especially in my own city).
  58. Taking photos.
  59. Instagram. (i.e. seeing other people’s happy photos!)
  60. Walking to Dairy Queen and feeling like I earned a treat.
  61. The beautiful ring that Jason gave me.
  62. In 2015, I will free myself from credit card debt.
  63. Receiving real mail from a friend: cards, notes, gifts, etc.
  64. Fresh flowers.
  65. Clean sheets.
  66. Finding cash I forgot I had.
  67. Nachos.
  68. Dragonflies.
  69. Spending time at a lake-front cabin in the summer.
  70. Getting my hair styled at a salon.
  71. Pulling into a parking spot and hitting an exact, even number on my odometer. (I got 71,100 the other day.)
  72. An evening around a campfire.
  73. Happy Hour after work.
  74. Laughing along with the hosts of the morning show on the radio.
  75. Peppers from my garden.
  76. Marking bugs as ‘fixed’.
  77. All of the dishes are washed.
  78. Pedicure.
  79. Seeing a movie in the theater.
  80. Hugs.
  81. Fireflies.
  82. Delivery Chinese.
  83. Burger Night.
  84. Memories of New England in the fall.
  85. Watching the ocean.
  86. Room service.
  87. Sushi Wednesday.
  88. When the cats chatter at the wildlife on the other side of the window.
  89. When Ampersand goes bonkers trying to chase the reflection of light on the wall.
  90. Remembering why I finally told Jason ‘I love you’ for the first time.
  91. Self-pampering at a hair salon.
  92. Cheese samples at the grocery store.
  93. A candle that smells really good.
  94. Singing along with songs on the radio.
  95. Opening all of the windows and getting fresh air into the house.
  96. Still being able to understand German (at least somewhat).
  97. When Jason cheers me up if I’m feeling down.
  98. A day at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. (Especially one that is coming up very soon…)
  99. Happy surprises.
  100. Crossing things off my 101 in 1001 list.

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