Very exciting news for me this morning: two of my …

Very exciting news for me this morning: two of my photos are published in the July 2006 issue of Minnesota Monthly! Unfortunately no photo credit — but I know that I took them, and my coworkers know, and now you know. The photos are from Drawn to Nature, the Bell Museum‘s annual fundraiser that was held on March 31st.

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This is actually the second time my photos from a Bell Museum event have been published in MN Monthly. The first time was a photo from an exhibition opening a couple years ago — Birds in Art, I think. I should try to find that so I can make a copy for myself… Anywho. On Wednesday evening I found myself spending time with Jen, who had just returned from a week-long adventure in Los Angeles. We ran her errands, I made her a spaghetti dinner, we drank a bottle of wine and watched the first competition of So You Think You Can Dance (I’m rooting for Benji). Soon it was karaoke time, so we headed to Legend’s with her friend, Clayton. Barry met us there, we made new friends (who were actually just other regulars that finally felt like talking), and sang many songs. Jen’s other friend, Dave, eventually joined us, too. I stayed out too late, but mostly just because I had been awake since about 6am. I was super exhausted, thought I’d probably be worthless at work, so I stayed home yesterday and passed much of the day by sleeping.

Yesterday evening, Jen and I went over to Kristi’s apartment for a quiet evening of drinking margaritas and watching Taxi Driver.

Today I should get some work done.

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