The only evidence that I was at the Turf Club last…

The only evidence that I was at the Turf Club last night is a faded stamp on my hand… and that isn’t very good evidence. Plastic Chord was playing, but unfortunately they were next to last in a line-up of five bands. Kristi and I stayed long enough for some dude to scream at us, but then it got to be too late to be in St. Paul. So I hope they had a good show.

In other news, I have a crush on every boy. Too bad I don’t have enough energy to persue crushes. I’d rather cross stitch. (One of these days I will post photos of my first two cross stitch projects [patterns from Subversive Cross Stitch], but I can’t yet. One is a gift for Kristi’s birthday on Saturday and I don’t wanna ruin the surprise, of course.)

I don’t go to St. Paul very often since it would take me a long time to get there (I don’t own a car). I must say that it’s perfectly awesome that St. Paul is non-smoking now too (as of the end of March – I’m so behind). The Turf Club is 78% more attractive to me as a venue without all the smoke. They also removed the excessive amounts of Christmas lights and possibly painted? I felt much calmer there last night. But also I felt ever so slightly crazy, but I think that was the feeling of being out of my house on a school night. (Actually school starts next Tuesday.)

Tonight I may be headed to the Fine Line to see Johnny Charon play. We shall see how the events of day progress…

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