Pool hanging

@ dickensons' house
@ dickensons’ house,
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today i snuck over to the dickensons’ house and caught some brief pool action. their yappy dog, jasper, allowed me in with barely a struggle – just belly scratching required. he usually barks and barks and barks and barks and barks and…

last night was the third night in a row that i sang karaoke. i think i’m all out of singing power for a little while. i always try to do songs i haven’t done before, but without having itunes at home to download songs that i’d like to hear once or twice before singing in public, it’s difficult feeling courageous. christina and i were going to try “the boy is mine” by brandy and monica last night, but alas closing time came too early.

tonight is a soiree for rachel sorensen (friend and sister of a friend from high school) and aaron packard (local photographer, took my sister’s wedding photos) as they are getting hitched. that should be fun, but i’m not sure what to expect. food? dancing? poker? we shall see. i’m sure it will be fun, regardless of what happens.

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