my eyes hurt from staring at filemaker pro and my …

my eyes hurt from staring at filemaker pro and my brain hurts from trying to defeat filemaker pro. my day isn’t even half over yet!

i have class tonight. i will be staring at computers for too long today. maybe tomorrow i can find work away from my desk.

anyway, i do have photos from the weekend and updates and all that awesome stuff, but i am currently importing music on my laptop and that is where the photos are and everything gets all slow and dumb if i do everything at once. please be patient.

i just realized that although i have about a billion awesome musical stylings on the compy, i have not loaded my favorite cds yet. and by favorite i mean cds i never want to sell. this includes at least 22 nine inch nails cds.

i used to be goth and listen to industrial music. now they just sit there, but i’m so proud of my collection. it cost a lot of money and time.

i am rambling. maybe i will go find a cookie to eat. i’ll post photos later.

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