Last night Mark and Jon were visiting Kristi and s…

Last night Mark and Jon were visiting Kristi and since I want to be cool, too, I visited Kristi as well. We each found dinner in the Midtown Global Market (I had a huge, inexpensive gyro from Holy Land – awesome) then hung around her apartment. After a bit we decided to go for a walk around Powderhorn Park. It was pretty and pleasant.

All of the little ducklings that Kristi and I met back in June have grown up!

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And I also tried, fairly unsuccessfully, to get photos of the fish in the little lake.

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Mark kept spitting at them, which I thought was gross, but it certainly brought them to us! I like watching fish.

Kristi also tells me that Dmitry from So You Think You Can Dance will be visiting Minneapolis soon (she works with a cousin of his). How much would I scream like a little girl if I got to meet him? He is ohsohot.

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