it has been a fairly busy week at work, i’m always…

it has been a fairly busy week at work, i’m always thinking of what i should be doing and what i’m really far behind on. i’m at a good pace for catching up, though, i think. but i haven’t been doing much else this week.

monday night i was totally exhausted from the busy weekend so i was sleeping by 10pm.

tuesday night i went shopping all along nicollet mall then passed out on my couch around 8:30pm and went to bed early again.

wednesday night i had dinner with kristi, said “no” to karaoke with barry, and went to bed early… because i had an interview the next morning (my first attempt at finding life outside of the umn, i was nervous and wanted to be well-rested).

yesterday i took the whole day off work because i was busing to brooklyn park for the interview which is just about forever away from downtown minneapolis. i figured that by the time i got to campus, it would’ve been 3pm and i wasn’t about to accomplish anything. i called a few people to share details about the interview (which i don’t feel like talking about anymore, but i would have told you about it yesterday if i had internet at home but alas! i do not). so i changed from suit to tank top and jeans and went grocery shopping.

on my way out the door, a foreign wild-haired man stopped me. i listened to his plight about how he missed his 10am bus to rochester, where his two daughters live, and he needed $26 dollars to get a new ticket and he had been traveling via bus from new york state for a long time and please, he only had $14. interesting story, i couldn’t figure out if he was scamming me (he had an authentic-looking greyhound ticket), but unfortunately i don’t carry cash. i wished him good luck and continued on my way.

i bought way too many groceries and i was wishing i had a car scion, but oh, well. the lund’s that is supposed to open in my neighborhood has now pushed back their opening date to 2007. don’t they know that is not convenient for me?

i laid around all night, flipping from “so you think you can dance” to “gameshow marathon” (press your luck!) to “my name is earl.” so much good tv, so much awesome bonding time with my couch. it was really hard to wake up this morning (i pressed the snooze once, slept, then once more, but told myself to stop being lazy and just get up, so i got up) and my shoulders really hurt. but here i am, at work. lala.

i am feeling the pangs of an existential crisis.

tonight i will be chilling at home, no plans for anything. tomorrow night i might go watch the gigantic game of capture the flag at the walker, but who knows. my crisis might lead to a big depressing game of laying on the couch and staring at the tv.

i am so exciting!!

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