I feel like summarizing. Things I learned at last…

I feel like summarizing.

Things I learned at last night’s Cafe Scientifique:

  • fish contain pbts and mercury.
  • smaller fish, wild fish (such as salmon), younger fish, and fish that are lower on the food chain are safer to eat than the opposites.
  • the only way to lose pbts is by losing weight, but then it is in your bloodstream.
  • mercury never goes away.
  • women pass these toxins on to offspring and these toxins can cause developmental problems.
  • women should not eat shark or mackerel ever. basically .
  • DNR’s Lake Finder will give you more info about your favorite Minnesotan lake(s).

Yoga asanas to practice for homework this weekend:

  • Virabhadrasana, “Warrior II”
  • Parivrtta Virabhadra Konasana, “Revolved Warrior Angle”
  • Trikonasana, “Triangle”

Other things:

  • I finally received my deposit refund from my previous residence and I am slightly irritated at some of the cleaning expenses.
  • I am finally planning a small party to show off my new home and that is exciting.
  • Coworker Rita is testing EBay for selling art. If she fares well, I might give it a shot, too.
  • Seriously: that spider I ran into last night? HUGE. I wish I had taken a photo of it next to a coin so I could show you. But I was too horrified and busy trying to be brave enough to kill it. It took three paper towels and a nearly clogged toilet to conquer my fear. I was also afraid because I don’t have a plunger.
  • Things to buy: plunger, cotton balls.
  • I hope that I get to do some karaoke again soon. Maybe tonight?
  • I may have to meander over to the Stone Arch Bridge Arts Festival this weekend.

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