I am bored at the ERC and instead of going home, I…

I am bored at the ERC and instead of going home, I am downloading music and reading blogs. I just found an amusing little anecdote about scorpios on Tony Pierce’s site.

supertsar7: scorpios are the best!
jenny: yes, yes we are
supertsar7: one year i dated six scorpios in a row
supertsar7: i would highly recommend that to any young boy
jenny: we’re the most sexual and sensuous sign of the zodiac
supertsar7: by a mile
jenny: yay
supertsar7: in many cases its not even fair
jenny: haha, well i’m sorry you feel that way. but we make up for it by also being stubborn, jealous, possessive, over-emotional psychos
supertsar7: but also mysterious and sultry and intuitive
supertsar7: im lucky i was born on the cusp of scorpio and libra
supertsar7: so im not jealous at all
supertsar7: or emotional
jenny: i wish i wasn’t jealous. it’s more hassle than it’s worth.
supertsar7: i think with practice people can get over it
supertsar7: although even God says that hes jealous
jenny: well i need a lot of practice then. actually, i think i’m getting better.
jenny: really?
jenny: well then i don’t feel so bad
supertsar7: yeah, way early in Genesis, he says that hes a jealous God
supertsar7: and hes very emotional
jenny: maybe he’s a scorpio.
supertsar7: could be

P.S. I’m a scorpio. I totally get it.

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