Here is the plan: Tonight: Go home after I finish…

Here is the plan:


  • Go home after I finish writing this.
  • Clean for family (vacuum, put away clothing, rid evidence of a [non-existent] drinking problem).
  • Move current bed (futon) to the living roomish area.
  • Parents arrive around 5 or 6pm-ish.
  • I receive a real bed.
  • Dinner at Baker’s Ribs.


  • Farmer’s Market in the a.m., brats for lunch.
  • Waste a few hours – possibly at Mystic Lake‘s swimming pool, possibly just staring at each other.
  • Dinner at Peninsula.
  • Saints game! Beer for dessert.


  • Breakfast? (more like Bloody Marys?!)
  • Body Worlds exhibit at the Science Museum.
  • Family leaves.


  • Totally taking an extra day off from work to recuperate.

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