everyone used to have to wake me up and here i am,…

everyone used to have to wake me up and here i am, the only one awake. hangin’ out with tinker.

yesterday was full:
1. wake up too early (like today).
2. lunch at chae’s.
3. antique car show downtown.
4. civic council browsing (i found some flat, backless, tan t-strap shoes that appear new).
5. drinks at the coffee shop (sat outside, just lovely).
6. unsuccessful trip to pamida.
7. unfortunately successful trip to walmart (needed 8mm beads to finish bracelets; am impressed by the crafting section, though some of it is quite tacky. also delightfully ran into miss bridget jacobs.)
8. inspect parents’ birdbath which needs/ed repairs.
9. trip to campbell supply for quickrete to fill in holes in birdbath.
10. boys came home from fishing, wendy and emily came over to say farewell (they are moving to omaha).
11. i bought the wrong stuff. trip to norm herren for quickrete’s patching mixture.
12. fill in holes and sculpt missing edge with karyn (who wants to be a sculptor now), let dry overnight.
13. spray paint first coat on birdbath’s base.
14. sit around, drink beer, eat spaghetti dinner.
15. spray paint second coat on birdbath’s base.
16. dessert and watch tv.
17. go to bed earlyish, wake up twice in the middle of the night, overheated and extremely thirsty. should have drank water instead of beer yesterday.

now today:
1. am awake, extremely sore from all the activity (and sun? but not sunburned).
2. the world is wet outside, but the repaired birdbath seems to have withstood the weather: success!
3. shower off the pain.
4. visit walfart once again for blue paint (the inside of the birdbath’s bowl and perhaps a pretty pattern around the outside).
5. paint paint paint.
6. grandparents coming to town for big lunch (chicken, corn on the cob, too much other food).
7. most likely some card games will be played, perhaps cribbage or hand and foot.
8. journey back to minneapolis. i’ll probably sit in the back and complain at karyn and bryan about being bored the whole time, fun fun. maybe i’ll finish my bright yellow bracelet, too.

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