Beading = new hobby!

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On Friday moring my coworker Rebecca presented me with patterns for beginning beaders and I was excused early from work. I took this opportunity to visit Bobby Bead in Uptown and buy beads. By 8pm that evening I had a new daisy chain necklace! For the remainder of the weekend (and this morning since I woke up sickeningly early) I have been working on a peyote stitch bracelet. I’m hoping to finish tonight.

This is a very exciting new crafting hobby. Knitting is good, but I am only motivated to make squares or rectangles (which means I have a lot of scarves). Beading is better because I have a skin allergy to metal (nickel, I think) and I would like to wear jewelry, but almost every piece of jewelry I have contains cheap metal. No more! Soon my neck and my wrists and perhaps other parts of me will be covered with beads!

The only problem I’ve thought of since my adventure in beading began is that of having matching jewelry. I think it would be easy enough to create similar bracelets and necklaces with peyote stitch, but I’m not sure I’m girly enough to wear more than one daisy chain at a time.

Also my eyes and my fingers hate me for this new hobby, but they will just have to get used it.

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