Awesome? Stealing wireless internet from the comfo…

Awesome? Stealing wireless internet from the comfort of my apartment. I am not wearing pants right now!

Anyway. Last night I went with Kristi to see the Wicker Man. Mostly okay as I have a strange appreciation for Nick Cage even though his acting skillz are declining with each movie he makes (I love, love, love him in Moonstruck). The only thing that I hope the producers regret is an unfortunate voice-over bit towards the end of the film. If you’ve seen it, you probably know what I’m talking about.

I slept in late this morning and shortly after waking received another call from Kristi to invite me to brunch. Indeed! It was like old times having Bloody Marys at the Spring Street Tavern. It might be one of my favorite places in the Twin Cities now. It’s great.

Afterwards we traveled to Roseville briefly… And I’ve been celebrating autumn by drinking hot chocolate and cross stitching since returning home in the early afternoon. I am working on something a bit more complicated and I’ve only used four of 26 colors so far. It doesn’t look like anything yet.

Oh, also, I guess my comments aren’t working here right now. I’m not sure what I’ll need to do to fix that, but I’ll get it done sometime soon. I’ll go work on that now.

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